Dream Pilot Kneeboards

Fly with care

Universal knee holders for general aviation pilots, such as small aircraft, ultralights and paragliding

Make your smartphone or tablet a perfect control center, use your favorite navigation apps, make notes and keep track during your flights. No more wad of papers.

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Magic Kneeboard
Universal super compact pilot kneeboard compatible with all devices.
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Adjustable Kneeboard
Fits smartphones of any size and mini tablets.
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Hi! My name is Kirill
Our Story

I am just an ordinary guy from Czech Republic. An ordinary guy with unordinary passion: flying! I was dreaming of becoming a GA pilot since childhood and in 2016 my dream came true - I've got my pilot license. Besides flying I am a technology fan. So I've quickly noticed a problem: flying with my mobile gadgets was challenging as I couldn't find a spot to attach them in my rented aircraft. I've noticed there were various kneeholders available on market but was disappointed with their price. Besides, they were made for only one specific device. This is how an idea of our universal kneeholder was born.

In Dream Pilot we believe in affordable quality. We also believe pilots might want to fly with various types of mobile devices, be it a smartphone or a tablet. We are happy to have thousands of customers across the globe, to collect their feedback and make our products even better.